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People Make Kwalee: Harry Lang

Our Vice President of Marketing, Harry Lang, sits down with us to talk about all things marketing, and even his fantasy pet of choice

Our Vice President of Marketing, Harry Lang, sits down with us to talk about all things marketing, and even his fantasy pet of choice…


Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Harry Lang, the Vice President of Marketing at Kwalee. With responsibilities from user acquisition for Hybrid Casual games on mobile platforms to leading the teams for PC Console marketing, Harry brings a wealth of experience to the marketing team at Kwalee. Join us as he shares his best advice and reveals his fantasy pet of choice. 


Could you introduce yourself to our audience?

Hello, I'm Harry the Vice President of Marketing here at Kwalee. I have over 24 years of marketing experience, working in a variety of roles across agencies, as a brand consultant, Marketing Director, CMO and as an author. Now at Kwalee, I lead the marketing for all our mobile, PC and console games verticals, and we also promote our publishing services for mobile and PC games as well as the Kwalee employer brand.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?

The best advice I've ever received was from my first boss, and I even used it for the title of my book. He once told me, "If you can see a bandwagon, you've probably missed it." I've carried this with me throughout my career, as it reminds me that if you’ve just spotted a trend, then it may not necessarily be a good idea to use it in your marketing strategy just because others are. It's a valuable lesson, teaching me not to chase trends recklessly. Instead, I focus on putting the customer first and crafting localised strategies and tactical plans specifically for each product, demographic and geo.  


What’s the best thing about working at Kwalee? 

An easy one for sure - it’s the people. I’ve never worked with such a welcoming, capable team in my career. Everyone’s fantastic at collaborating and everyone buys into the goal of making the most fun games and marketing them in an optimum way. It makes for a very refreshing and fun place to work, and I’m very grateful for that! 


Given your extensive marketing background, what made you want to work in the games industry?

I was really keen in the last decade to try and find a career pivot where I was more proud of what I was marketing. In the past, I was marketing gambling - which isn’t necessarily great for the soul. I wanted to find something where I could use all the skills I’d developed over the last 20+ years but in a role that was:- 

  1. More ethically rewarding 
  2. More fun! 
  3. With a significant opportunity to grow - both as a marketer and as a business.

Luckily Kwalee had an opportunity for someone like me at the right time, and I feel so fortunate to be here.


Thinking of all the video games you have played in the past, who is your favourite character? 

Going old school to my university days, I always went for Heihachi Mishima in Tekken 2 - a total badass! One of my favourite video games actually stars a real person, so I’m going to say Tiger in ‘Tiger Woods Golf’ is my all-time favourite. I used to absolutely love that game and I enjoy playing golf anyway. It was a hero simulation - you basically got to act out and hit the shots of the world's very best player. If I were to pick a proper game character from one of our titles, then it has to be the frog from Wildmender.


What is your favourite game created by Kwalee?

I’ll need to give two, from the mobile and PC Console side of gaming. From mobile publishing it’ll have to be ‘Draw it’, because it is the one that I play the most and I really love it and my favourite PCC game... It’s such a tough decision, I’m very excited to be playing our new game ‘The Precinct for many reasons. It reminds me of the 80’s cop films I used to watch relentlessly and I can imagine playing it for hours and hours, probably with appropriate rock music in the background - think AC/DC or Def Leppard.


If you could have any animal as a pet, real or fantasy, what would it be?

Well, I'm obviously going to lean into fantasy here because that just sounds way more fun. I'm definitely going to go for Daenerys's Dragon from Game of Thrones, as I would never have to fly EasyJet again and barbequing would be a lot quicker!


Want to watch this interview in action? Explore our official YouTube channel to watch more of this interview unfold! 


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